“We shouldn't teach great books; we should teach a love of reading.” —BF Skinner
“I'm writing a book; I’ve got the page numbers done.” —Stephen Wright
“Good friends, good books, and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life.” —Mark Twain
“There’s a lot more to publishing a book than writing it and slapping a cover on it.” —Vince Flynn

Custom Book Marketing Services

Many authors make the costly mistake of promoting books without a plan. When you approach marketing without a carefully researched strategy, you can easily spend more time and money than necessary, and compromise or delay your book’s potential for success.

Author Connections offers two specific marketing services; both designed to help you foster discovery and establish your author brand.

Whether you select a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) custom marketing plan or our exclusive 1-1 Collaborative Marketing Mentorship, you and your book(s) benefit from an insider’s advantage, with specific training and tips for every phase of your publishing journey.

Women in blue shirt opening a box with a book in hand.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Custom Marketing Plans

• Brainstorm layers of readers for audience development.
• Consider media channels you would like to pursue (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Pinterest, podcasts, video trailers, audiobooks, etc.).
• Determine realistic expectations for marketing capabilities (to blog or not to blog, networking for book reviews, submitting contest entries, arranging advertising, available budget and help/support, etc.).
• Receive an extensive and comprehensive series of checklists with clear instructions for planning and maintaining a book or author marketing campaign.
• Stagger and control spending with actual campaign costs (reviews, contest entries, advertising, alternative media) the author’s responsibility.

Book marketing should not be stressful. Author Connections can help.

Single-Title Marketing Plan  $2695
Multi-Title Author Brand Plan  $3895
Business Platform Development Plan $5895

1-1 Collaborative Marketing Mentorship

Whether you have an unpublished manuscript or multiple books already published, for help with title discovery and building an author brand, send your sample for consideration. When your book is selected*, an introductory session is FREE to see if we are a fit to work together.
*We do not accept all projects, but we do respond to all submissions.

How Does It Work?

• Design a campaign based on reviews, contests, and multimedia advertising.
• Rest easy having any and all of your questions answered.
• Keep book and platform development on track with structured monthly sessions that are thorough and productive, yet always at the author’s pace.
• Eliminate stress with personal access to a publishing veteran, editor, author advocate, and 20+ years marketing executive.
• Celebrate every small victory. Whatever it has taken to get this far, you are finally publishing and marketing your book.

What Do You Get?

• Six 1-1 training sessions based on your individual needs
• 3x Facebook ads driving traffic to your Amazon page and/or website
• 5+ professional book reviews
• All reviews highlighted for easy sharing mileage
• Promo card PDF with cover and review blurbs
• 4+ contest entries
• 3+ advertising placements
• 1 video interview on Zoom Into Books

All arrangements and transactions managed by Author Connections. No hidden fees or surprises.

This is a highly collaborative VIP mentor relationship with training, support, and professional guidance each step of the way. If you need some kind, patient hand-holding as you embark on your book publishing and marketing journey, complete our author survey for consideration.

Six months, $1800/month
Book Marketing Mentorship Full

We also offer A2Z book editing services

Take your book from a draft document to a finished manuscript you’ll be proud to publish and sell.