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Book2Look (B2L) is a simple, cost effective book marketing solution - a highly visual, effective, and portable presentation package for any title to be shared in digital form. 


Book2Look is designed for non-technical users. Biblets (literary widgets) are easy to produce with step-by-step instructions, and a video demo to watch if you need help. Biblets are often created and published in less than 15 minutes.


Book2Look helps authors and publishers put marketing support behind titles that otherwise get little attention, a powerful boost in essential promotion for increased sales.


Specific benefits to consider:


·     Simple, fast uploading process

·     24/7 access with secure username and password to edit or update your widget any time

·     B2L can be used in social media, email blasts, and quickly embedded with just one click to any website (works on blogspot and wordpress)


·     Beyond basic metadata and sample chapters, Book2Look biblets feature publisher or author logo, author website and blog links, video trailers, audio samples, video interviews, book reviews, reader comments, ratings, and more.

·    Book2Look biblets include an easy forward/recommend feature, encouraging consumer pass-along and potential for viral activity.

·      Book2Look widgets can hold an unlimited # of shop links or only one, so point of purchase is in your control and built in for easy buying.


·      Buy each widget only once – no repeat or ongoing fees.

·      Performance analysis is clear, with real-time view count/distribution map included for FREE.


Here are two samples from Walker Books:


Clockwork Angel, Cassandra Clare



Blood On My Hands, Todd Strasser



To get a Book2Look biblet for your book, click the ADD TO CART button on upper right of your screen.


Get a biblet for your book here.

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